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Complex Needs And Behaviour That Challenges

A person with complex needs is someone with two or more needs affecting their physical, mental, social or financial wellbeing.’ This could include, but is not limited to mental health issues, autism, substance misuse, learning disabilities, social isolation, offending behaviour, acquired brain injury or dementia, often combined with physical health needs that might include epilepsy or sensory issues, trauma and poverty.

Behaviour that challenges is the term given to types of behaviour that people at times display as a way of getting their needs met. Behaviour that challenges is a way of letting people know your feelings and emotions when you don’t have the communication or social skills to do it in other ways. These types of behaviour include, but not limited to self-injury, hurting others, ingesting inedible items, being destructive, or other behaviours like persistently running away, spitting or removing clothes.

Here at Willcob Care, we support people who are living with complex needs or behaviour that challenges at different stages in their lives. We develop person-centred support packages around each person’s need, modifying the type or level of support as their needs change. We assess the complexity of the individual needs to support them holistically; finding a way to meet there needs without prejudice.